What exactly is NXTmove™ ?
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NXTmove™ is a software application using the scientific system known as Dynamic Derived Intelligence to create a profile of your business.

NXTmove™ uses the information that you have provided on a set of questions to present you with a graph stating the status of your business or business unit on 19 strategic areas.  You also receive an executive summary that highlights the positive indicators as well as the challenges in your business or business unit.  A detailed report on all the identified areas can also be purchased.  The detailed report also includes recommendations in clusters of similarity, with specific project outcomes in order to address those challenges that are regarded as important for the future of the business/business unit.

Why should my business experience a NXTmove
It provides immediate access to the most sophisticated levels of consulting.
Depending on the size of the team doing NXTmove™ and the level of discussion, the entire process – from start of assessment, right through to having the detailed report printed - can take as little as one hour.
It is an objective scientific process, free from subjectivity.
It provides a static reference point against which you can assess a group of businesses or different business units of a business.
It highlights areas where development should take place as well as areas where things are going well.
It enables an Exco to design precise and tangible business development programmes.
It serves as a reality picture to facilitate change and future development decisions.